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Now it's even easier to do business with Allianz with ApplyNOW - a new way to submit fixed index annuity (FIA) business electronically. 

Tips to get you started:
Getting started with ApplyNOW
Learn how to use ApplyNOW

Once submitted, the application information is electronically transferred to ExamOne.  ExamOne will perform a tele-interview for Part I & II information, obtain client signatures and submit the application and ancillary forms to American General for processing.

Available products:  Secure Lifetime GUL, AG Select-a-Term & AG ROP Select-a-Term

AG Quick Ticket Playbook

ScanIt has been reimaged - an renamed to ExpertScan.  Click to view demo

Available products: Indexed UL, Executive UL & UL-SI, Signature Term & SI.

iPad Signature

With Eagle Premier Series eApplication, point-of-sale decisions have never been easier!  Designed for touch screen devices, available 24/7, quick underwriting decision displayed on screen & no phone call.

eApplication Registration Tutorial
eApplication Registration Flyer
Writing an eApplication Tutorial

Eagle Premier Series TeleApplication makes submitting and issuing a policy QUICK & EASY!  Americo will take your application over the phone and within a matter of minutes you will receive a point-of-sale decision.  NO PAPERWORK with the tele-application process and approved policies mail the next day.

Americo Instant Decision Process

Place more cases and get paid faster with the TeleAmendment Process!  If an amendment is required, it will be mailed with the policy.   Together, with your client, contact Americo at 866-214-0054 and complete the amendment over the phone.  A copy of the amendment will be mailed to your client, finalizing the sale.

From the homepage, click the Electronic Apps tab at the top then click Use E-Apps Now! button.  Start a new case, view cases or take the tour.

E-app is available for most Assurity products.  View details

E-app Flyer
eSignature Training

Rapid App is Fidelity's online application system that allows you to sell without being physically present with the customer.  You can pre-qualify, quote multiple coverage options, submit the application and collect an electronic signature.  Products available through Rapid App:

  • Rapid Decision Express

  • Rapid Decision Senior Life Whole Life

  • Rapid Decision Senior Life Term

  • Accidental Death Benefit

View a demo:

Username:  demoagent  Password:  life

Rapid App Demo Link

Click to view Agent Guidelines to learn how to register for online access to the Rapid App System and other information.


Tired of paperwork?  Download the Pathfinder Annuity iPad App to run an illustration, sign and submit an application.

Pathfinder Annuity App Resource Hub

Use Foresters e-App to make applying even easier.  You can submit non-med term, whole life (excluding PlanRight) and universal life business on-line -- simply, quickly and easily.  Just go to the producer website and click on Foresters e-application on the right-hand side of the page.

Eligibility Rules
State Guidelines
Success Tips

Sell non-medical Lifefirst Term, Advantage Plus Whole Life and SMART Universal Life without ever leaving your home or office.  Click to view Foresters Non Face to-Face Sales Process

Touch to sign is available for iGO e-App applications on Apple iPad using the Safari browser.  For more information read the e-App eligibility rules and e-App Success Tips & Troubleshooting Ideas

Voice Amendment now available. 

e-App is not available for medical products, PlanRight, Your Legacy or Prepared.

Forethought SnapApp allows you to submit Income 150+ fixed index annuity applications online.  Log into your Independent Agent Account and select the SnapApp button at the top of the page.  A notice will appear that you are leaving the Forethought website; select Agree to proceed.  It's just one more way Forethought is making it easier!

Data Sheet
SnapApp User Guide


Submit a request online and Genworth's Fulfillment Service will coordinate.  Exam One will contact the applicant within 24 hours to obtain details for the Part I & II, as well as any supplemental forms.  The Touch Team will obtain the necessary authorizations from the client and provide status updates.

Life Quick Request (LQR) is available for all Genworth products.  Colony Term applications $100K or below must be submitted via LQR or iLQR.  To demo LQR, click here.

LQR 1-2-3
ePolicy Delivery
IUL Quick Request

Save time with Great American's new eBusiness platform.  Submitting new business electronically is a safe & simple way to get policies issued faster.

Click the icon to access the eBusiness tab.  Select Electronic Applications to get started or select Application Upload to securely upload scanned paperwork.  Log in using your existing username and password.  You must be actively appointed with Great American Life to use the platform.

The eBusiness platform includes an e-signature feature for added convenience.  A "wet" signature is required for all transfer/replacement paperwork.

expressApp coming soon!

Take, sign & submit an electronic application with a click of a button.  Log on to the agent website and select the "Illustration & e-Application" icon.  Choose the green "Launch Online Version" button and select the "Application" button to begin.  Accelerate your commissions!

Quick Start Guide

Submit a Banner Request for Life Insurance (RLI) online.  The formal application and related forms are completed via telephone interview by LGA's call center.

Click the icon to the left to access.  Brokers who use IBN's unique link do not have to be pre-appointed with Banner. Contracting paperwork can be submitted during the new business process!

Available products:  OPTerm, Life Value Term, LifeChoice UL & LifeStep UL. 

Click to view eLink Demo Site:

Broker Guide
Flow Chart
Agency Digital Solutions
eDelivery Microsite


Submit a William Penn Request for Life Insurance (RLI) online.  The formal application and related forms are completed via telephone interview by LGA's call center.

Click the icon to the left to access.  Brokers who use IBN's unique link do not have to be pre-appointed with Banner. Contracting paperwork can be submitted during the new business process!

Available products:  OPTerm, Life Value Term, LifeChoice UL & LifeStep UL. 

Click to view eLink Demo Site
William Penn

Broker Guide
Flow Chart
Agency Digital Solutions
eDelivery Microsite

Click the icon at the left to visit Lincoln's term microsite that provides information and materials for both the TermAccel and LifeElements products.  Agents will be able to access the links to Get a Quote and Submit an electronic ticket for either product, immediately after providing their Lincoln log in credentials.  After logging in (or registering) to the Lincoln site, agents will also be able to navigate to the Lincoln LifeElements Level Term and Lincoln TermAccel Level Term product pages to Get a Quote and View their cases.

This link can only be used to submit term tickets for TermAccel and LifeElements – LincXpress, and agents do not need to have an agent code assigned prior to submitting a ticket. If the agent is not yet appointed with Lincoln when they submit the ticket, there is an additional step, as outlined below:

At the beginning of the ticket, there is an agent validation step. If the agent is not yet appointed, they will get an error message. They will then need to click on the Contact Lincoln Financial button, then enter the requested information in the pop-up window that opens, and Submit. Once the information on the pop-up window has been submitted, the Next button will be enabled on the License and Appointment Check page, and the agent will be able to proceed with the ticket.

LincXpress Advantages
LincXpress Lab-Free Underwriting
LincXpress Tele-App
LincXpress Tele-App Phone Interview
LincXpress eDelivery

quikMet provides all case specific forms necessary for the completion of the order ticket.  A tele-interview will be completed by MetLife's New Business Call Center, collecting the remaining application information and scheduling the paramed.  The Express Order Ticket can also be submitted via fax to:  908-522-3794 or emailed to: nblife@metlife.com

Available products:  Guaranteed Level Term, Guaranteed Advantage UL & Whole Life.

quikMet - 4 Steps
quikMet Training Guide

Click on the Quick eApp link on the homepage.  Minnesota Life will facilitate the ordering of requirements including APS, if required.  eApp is required for all Term & Whole Life contracts under $250K. Save time with one appointment instead of two with eParamed!

Available products:  Advantage Elite Term, Accumulator UL, Eclipse, Eclipse Protector & Secure Whole Life.

Quick eApp Support Team:  800-328-6124

Click to view enhancements to premium collection guidelines bulletin.

eApp User Guide
eApp FAQs
How to submit Express Issue Business
Accessorize your eApp with attachments!

North American's Annuity e-App is designed to:

  • Get you paid faster

  • Help you complete forms quicker

  • Ensure form accuracy

  • Tablet friendly

Click the icon to access the newest service platform that will make your job easier!


From automatically populating the right forms to scheduling the paramed, the SimpleSubmit e-app cuts through the maze associated with the paper life insurance application process. Our handy demo walks you step-by-step through the process that’s available for virtually all of your North American life business – even indexed universal life!

North American's SimpleSubmit helps you close sales faster by eliminating the paperwork process.  If you're working from a tablet, you have the option to collect a finger signature.  No medical questions to answer on the eApp; the paramed will collect the information at the time of the exam.  All exams are done by APPS-Portamedic.

Available products:  ADDvantage Term 10, 15, 20, 30 & Custom Guarantee UL, Builder IUL, Guarantee Builder IUL & Rapid Builder IUL.  See Agent Guide for situations that require a paper application.

Click to view SimpleSubmit microsite

Paramed Scheduling Tool By-Pass Instructions

iPipleline Support for producers only:  800-641-6557.



Get to know eApp - it's the easy, fast & smart way to submit business!  Use the e-signature option for flexibility & speed.

Flexible features:

  • Tablet-friendly

  • Simple navigation

  • Save cases in progress

  • View submitted applications

e-App Features Flyer
e-App Overview - Brainshark Presentation

Agent E-File contains all information needed to track your business; it includes your Clients List and any outstanding requirement, current and prior year Production Report, Daily and Weekly Activity Reports, Scoreboard, Advance information and much more. To access personal agent information such as Address, Manager, and Commission schedules, click on the "INFO" button located at the top of the Agent E-File screen. Check out The Insurance Application for helpful tips! 

Click the TeleLife EZ-App link on the right navigation bar on the homepage.  TeleLife offers many features and benefits including flexible options to submit pre-applications; voice authorization offered for early APS ordering; cycle time reduced by 8 days, on average; and extended hours of operation for customer support. 

Available products:  UL & IUL

Agent Guide

Once logged into www.pruexpress.com, click the Forms tab, then Launch Forms.  The client will receive a call within 48 hours to complete the Part II and schedule the paramed.  Fax Xpress applications to 888-271-6661 or email to: prunewbusiness@prudential.com

Available products:  Term & UL

Process Oveview

PowerForm by DocuSign is a new, convenient way to digitally sign and send application information for Essential Whole Life & SecureLife Universal Life.

To use PowerForm, you will access an electronic form on the Royal Neighbors agent website and type the application information and click submit.  The applicant, owner and payor will be able to digitally sign the document - right on your laptop or mobile device!

Final Expense Fact Sheet

Agents can e-Sign and a touch-to-sign option is available on Windows-based tablets.  To try the E-App, click the image or log on to the Agent Portal here; then click the iGo button.

Find all the details in the E-APP Quick Start Guide.

Sentinel Security uses Apptical for all telephone interviews.  They no longer accept interviews from EMSI.  1-800-737-6972

Quick Tip:  When using Google Chrome to complete an e-application, make sure your page zoom is at the default setting (100%).  If this is not done, the application will error out when you reach the signature page.

Click the Sales Tools tab at the top of the homepage> iGO Electronic Application link> Start New Case.  Speed eTicket requires minimal information to be entered.  The client will be contacted by the Fulfillment Center within 1 business day for a confidential telephone interview to complete the application process and schedule the paramed.

Available for Term Life Answers in all states except MA, NY, VI or PR.

User Guide
Speed eTicket FAQs

Four final expense whole life plans with eSignature options:
Express Issue Premier
Express Issue Deluxe
Express Issue WL
Guaranteed Issue WL

eApp Playbook
eApp Quick Facts
eApp Signature Options Brainshark

Be green, save time and keep applications in good order with E-App for deferred annuities on unitedlife.com 

Now you can complete and submit Single Premium Deferred Annuities (SPDA-4, -5 and -6) and Flexible Premium Deferred Annuity (FPDA) cases online. The program collects the entered information, completes the applications and necessary forms and allows the agent and owner to "sign" electronically by confirming a randomly generated identification number at the end of the process. 

 E-App can be used for new cases, as well as for United Life SPDA renewals, which can help eliminate data entry and ensure that your applications are in good order. When doing renewals, details from the existing policy will carry over to help make the renewal process easier. 

 Learn more by reading the E-App Guide LIP-1006 or watching a 15-minute demonstration video

 Contact a member of United Life's marketing staff at 800-637-6318 with any questions about E-App. If you have questions on submitted cases after completing the E-App process, contact a staff member from the New Business team. 

 Note: E-App should not be confused with the ufgLife mobile app. The ufgLife mobile app is for mobile devices and can be used to check active policies, run quick quotes and get company news. 

E-App is not available on the ufgLife mobile app.

From the homepage, click on the Life Insurance tab at the top then select Voya eSubmit from the dropdown menu on the right.  Enter client information into an intuitive on-line program.  Term eSubmit will produce the completed application and any other forms needed to submit your business.

Available products:  Term Smart, ROP & Endowment Term

Why use Voya eSubmit?