Prior to the solicitation of any annuity sale, you must be in compliance with your state's suitability training requirements. 

Click the icons/links below to access required product training.

Log in to RegEd to experience real-time reciprocity & requirements tracking engine and meet your annuity training requirements today.

ClearCert Certified Course List can help you find the course you need.  Click to view Long-Term Care Training State-by-State Requirements

Click to view LIMRA's AML Training Program Q & A.

Click here for access the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) to apply or renew state licenses.

From the homepage, click on the Training tab then select Allianz Business Builder to complete required product training or discover sales tools and information to help you succeed.

Click to see if your state has adopted NAIC Suitability Model Regulation.

Will accept LIMRA screenshot showing name and date course taken OR company AML Training Course.

Company AML Training Instructions:

1. Click the link below to access your contracting company:

Occidental Life
Pioneer American

2.  Click on "Marketing Sales"
3.  Enter:   Agent No = AML    Password = COURSE
4.  Click "enter" and follow the instructions.

QuestCE simplifies NAIC Annuity Training requirements for producers, insurance carriers and broker-dealers with a premier NAIC annuity suitability training solution, featuring the industry's first real-time reciprocity engine.

Review American General's Annuity Suitability Training Producer Instructions before proceeding to the QuestCE website.

Click to view recent Compliance Bulletin.

AML training is required annually.  Click to view Anti-Money Laundering Compliance bulletin.

Effective 3/24/2016, Xcelerate will replace RegEd for required annuity suitability training going forward.  Click to view Xcelerate Suitability Course Guide.

Note:  If you have already completed your suitability training, you do not need to take it again.  Login to Xcelerate to check your status.

When an annuity application is received and the producer has not completed the mandated product specific training, the annuity application will be rejected and returned to the producer. A new application will be required for submission after the training is completed.

Americo has adopted nationwide suitability requirements which are in-line with the NAIC Model Regulation on Suitability in Annuity Transactions.  All agents are required to complete product specific training prior to the solicitation or sale of an annuity.  Agents are also required to complete state-specific general training, where required.

Click here to access the LIMRA training.

Click here for an overview of the states that have adopted these suitability requirements.

All agents that sell cash value products (or plan to sell in the future) must complete Anti-Money Laundering training every two years.  Americo offers free AML training through LIMRA.  Click to view details.

Click to view Americo's notice regarding ME & TN Annuity Suitability Training.

State laws require Assurity annuity producers to pass product-specific training.  It only takes 20 minutes and the new business team will be automatically notified once raining is complete. 

Assurity Annuity Suitability Training

Athene has adopted product specific annuity training in compliance with the NAIC Model Suitability Rule.  Product training is available for producers in all states regardless of whether a specific state has enacted the NAIC suitability training requirements.  All producers in all states are required to complete Athene's annuity product training course prior to solicitation.

Link to take product training website:

Link for Product Codes:

Click to view Long Term Care Services Rider License & Education Requirements.

In addition to the CE annuity training, producers must complete product-specific annuity training via the training tab at

Training certifications may be faxed to Licensing at 800-501-4683 or emailed to

The preferred training method is completion of the LIMRA online Training program. Producers writing "covered products" will be pre-registered for this training program at no cost to them upon submission and receipt at the home office of their first piece of Baltimore Life business.  LIMRA will notify the Company when training is completed.   

In lieu of completing LIMRA's AML Training program, producers may submit a hardcopy notarized AML Training Affidavit (Form 8580) to satisfy basic AML training requirements. It is important that if a producer intends to submit an affidavit that it is submitted concurrent to submission of contracting paperwork.  Mail to:
The Baltimore Life Insurance Company
10075 Red Run Boulevard
Owings Mills, Maryland 21117
Baltimore Life DOES NOT accept AML training certifications or affidavits from other sources.

Log on to to complete the required annuity product training prior to solicitation.
User:  pt0000
Password:  training

Once training is complete, Bankers will be notified automatically.

Complete AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Training on-line at

Certification is required to sell Fidelity's Hybrid Life Product.  Review the Overview and Product Guide below, then click the icon or the link below to access training.


Hybrid Product & Selling Overview
Hybrid Life Product Guide & Certification

Fidelity & Guaranty Life requires producers to complete on-line product specific training prior to solicitation.  Any application solicited prior to completion of the training will be rejected. To get started on your Annuity Product Training refer to: Required Annuity Product Training

Georgia mandatory annuity suitability CE requirement effective March 1, 2016.  Learn More

Foresters provides AML training, at no cost, to producers through the training section of Foresters' own producer website.  You must also read the Foresters "Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism Compliance Procedures" on the producer website before you can start selling Foresters products.

Click here for details.

Producers are required to complete a Forethought Annuity Agent Certification Course.  This course certifies your expertise and commitment to providing your clients with products that meet their needs and ensures you exceed the standards set forth by industry regulations.

The Annuity Model Regulation specifies that agents must complete four-hour general annuity CE training which will be offered by and tracked through RegEd. In addition, agents must complete Forethought's product-specific training in order to sell its annuity products. To complete your product-specific training go to  Click to view additional information and Forethought product codes. 

You must complete updated NAIC training in order to sell Income 150+ with the new interest crediting strategy, Black Rock Diversa Volatility Control Index, regardless of whether you have sold or taken training on this product in the past.  The required courses are available here:

Annuity Electronic Sales Kit

Annuity Producer Guidelines

Product-specific training is required in ALL states for Fixed Index Annuity Products.  Training must be completed prior to solicitation which means prior to or on the date the applicant signs.  Courses include content for all products sold in all states.  Go to

Click to view state requirements

Click the icon to view and complete the required training in the state in which you hold an insurance license and plan to sell an annuity.  Commission will not be paid and new business will be rejected and returned if training is not completed prior to solicitation.

Complete your AML refresher course here

Refer to the training instructions for additional details.  If training is completed through an approved provider other than LIMRA, fax the certification of completion to 513-412-5144. 


Click here to see if you have completed the required training.

AML training is required for all agents prior to GWIC appointment.  If you have already satisfied this requirement with another company, please provide a copy to

To complete this requirement through GWIC, please review the AML Training Manual, take the test and email completed exam to for grading and accreditation.  

Click to view Suitability Agent CE Requirements by State.

Click to view AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Policy & Procedures.

Product training is required for all products prior to solicitation.  Click the icon to access Guggenheim's training site.

Integrity Life Insurance Company/National Integrity Life Insurance Company/Western-Southern Life Assurance Company.

Go to: and log in using Auto-Registration or Self-Registration.

Portal Code:  WSFG

Click here for training instructions. 
Distribution Channel:  Integrity/National

Click to view Product Specific Training.  Most states require a four-hour annuity suitability CE course.

Anti-Money Laundering Training must be completed within the last two years prior to a new policy being issued.  Click to view Anti-Money Laundering Training through LIMRA.


Prior to soliciting the sale of an annuity, producers must complete training specific to the annuity. For the full text of the revised Model Regulation, click here.

In their continuing efforts to satisfy requirements under the USA Patriot Act, the Legal & General
America Companies--Banner and William Penn require agent certification of on-going AML
training before issuing a universal life product. To determine if you have taken AML training within the last two years please visit the LIMRA website at The 2014 refresher of Money Laundering – Anti-Money Laundering for
Insurance Review will automatically be assigned through LIMRA. There are two versions of the
course available—one with Flash enabled and one without. You are only required to complete
one of these versions.

AML Training Requirements

More states are adopting regulations that require all agents doing business within its borders to complete training on MTL Insurance Company annuity products prior to recommending them to clients. To help you meet these requirements, log on to to complete the online training course.  Please allow yourself 20 minutes to complete the test. If you have any questions, please contact Sales Support Staff at 1-800-323-7320, ext 5140.

MTL requires all agents and registered representatives take AML training on a biennial basis. Log onto the training site at the following web site address:   You will not receive a paper certificate of your completion of this course; we will receive a report from LIMRA informing us that you have completed the course. 

Should you have technical questions accessing the training site or navigating within the LIMRA site, please contact LIMRA’s technical support partner’s help desk at or (866) 364-2380.

NAIC Annuity Suitability Regulation training must be completed before a producer recommends an annuity to a client.  Training requirements include a one-time minimum 4 credit hour general annuity training course approved by the state department of insurance and specific United of Omaha annuity product training.

In compliance with this regulation, applications will not be processed for annuity business submitted by producers who haven't completed the training requirements.  A certificate must be submitted confirming that the course was completed.

View the states that have implemented the regulation

Take the annuity training course (National Version)

Take the annuity training course (New York Version)

Certificate and Acknowledgement Form

Anti-Money Laundering Training

Anti-Money Laundering Producer Requirements

To comply with the federal AML requirement, National Guardian Life will provide training (at no cost to you) through MyNGLIC producer website.  Producers are required to complete an initial course just once and will then be required to take a "refresher" course every 3 years to remain in compliance.  NGL will notify producers when it is time for their refresher training.

Click here for details.

Applications submitted from producers without training will be returned to be re-written after the training requirement is satisfied.  Producers appointed in a state after the effective date are required to take both the Product Specific Training and the 4-hour Annuity Suitability Training course prior to soliciting business.

Click to view requirements by state

All producers are required to complete AML refresher training through LIMRA every two years to maintain an active contract.  View details

North American's Annuity Product Training courses must be completed via RegEd.  Follow these instructions to register.  (Before you begin, you will need to have your National Producer Number and Social Security Number.  Please note:  do not register with a corporate Tax ID, always use your SSN.)

Once registered, when a new course has been assigned, you will receive an email alert direct from RegEd with a link to view the course.

Click here to view RegEd Product Codes.

For questions or further information, please contact the Annuity Service Center Sales Support at 866-322-7066 or

Before selling IUL products, you must complete the IUL Certification Exam found in the Training Center tab at  Your username is your producer code & password is the last four digits of your SSN.  Training must be completed before IUL business will issue.

Anti-Money Laundering training is required and may be completed at:

Once you have completed the AML course, verification will be submitted automatically within 3-5 business days.

The Volatility Control Index and crediting method for NAC RetireChoice and NAC IncomeChoice life products require product training prior to solicitation.  View details

Additional Volatility Control Index resources:

Training Module
Online Training
Volatility Control Index Training Video

Click to view Threshold Participation Strategy (TPS) required training.  Use applicable code listed under the product on the right.

This site provides you the opportunity to satisfy the training requirements necessary to sell OneAmerica companies' individual annuity products in compliance with state regulation.  This site offers both annuity product specific training and access to a four credit hour general annuity training course (available at your expense).  Agents must complete the product-specific training and a one-time, four hour annuity training/certification course prior to the solicitation or sale of an annuity product.

log on to and register to take the training. 

Your username will be your NPN#. 
Click here to retrieve your NPN# 

Your password will be your last name (all lowercase) plus the last
4 digits of your NPN#.
ex: John Smith with an NPN of 12345678 will have an initial password of smith5678. 

Passwords can be changed upon access to the site.

Many state require that producers complete NAIC required training before they can sell annuity products.  In addition, product training will need to be completed each time Penn Mutual introduces a new annuity product.

NAIC Model Regulation FAQs

RegEd Getting Started Guide

All producers are required to complete Phoenix product training, regardless of a particular state's requirements.

Click the icon to complete online annuity product training courses available through the Phoenix NAIC Product Training Center.  Click the Launch Now button to enter the Training Center.  To complete Personal Retirement Choice training click on the "Don't see the product training you are looking for?" link and enter product code:  1135.

Credit Suisse CS Tactical Multi Multi Asset Index training:
Click to view a short, 8 minute Brainshark
Login to Success CE and complete the training via a 9 slide training course.

Anti-Money Laundering training is required every 2 years.  Phoenix currently accepts only LIMRA and RegEd courses.  Click to view Producer's Guide to Anti-Money Laundering.

In addition to state required annuity training,  you must have a certificate of completion for the anti-money laundering program and periodically re-certify in order to write business with Protective Life. They have contracted with LIMRA to provide this to you at no cost.  Please visit the LIMRA website at to complete your certification.

If you have completed your training through another qualified vendor, please email your certification to Protective Life at or fax it to 205.268.5427.

Reliance Standard Life requires all producers to complete the Product Specific Training module before processing new appointment requests or currently appointed producers in solicited new applications.

Producers can complete the online Product Specific Training module for the Eleos, Apollo and Keystone products in less than 30 minutes.

Click for Proof of Completion and other information.

In addition to NAIC Product Training, click the icon to access online annuity product specific training for agents, then click the Quick Link on right.