Memphis Raines

Attaining Greatness and Taming Your Mythical Beast Like Sales Guru: Memphis Raines

Yes, you heard me right, Sales Guru Randall “Memphis” Raines.  If his name sounds familiar, it should.  Memphis Raines was the lead character in the 2000 feature film, “Gone in 60 Seconds”.  Now before you stop reading, please give me a few more moments to explain.  In this movie Memphis, portrayed by Nicolas Cage, is a retired car thief that is forced to come back for one last heist to save his little brother.   While reviewing a list of exotic cars, he realizes that his dream car, a 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 is present.  Eleanor, his pet name for this particular car, is the pinnacle of his career and is also a car that had become a personal mission after multiple attempted heists had failed.  This car, Eleanor, was the “whale” that we all dream of in our own businesses; the mythical creature that always seems out of reach.   I know you all have someone in mind, when we talk about our own Eleanor’s, so keep them in mind as we take a few moments to learn from the our new found sales guru and discuss how this ’67 Mustang can help your business.

First, in order to have a chance to triumph over your inner Eleanor you will need the right team in place.   In the movie Raines brings back his whole crew to handle the job the right way.  As entrepreneur’s we all get pulled in many different ways, so having the right team in place, whether they be internal staff or external relationships, is crucial.

Obviously we all need to not only identify, but also continuously work towards securing more Eleanor’s; but there is a fine line between consistency and obsession.  While a little bit of an obsession focused on Eleanor is good, it cannot be something that is a detriment to your current business.  So just like Nick Cage’s well-manicured teeth, you will need to have a consistent, concise and articulate plan in place.  In the movie, Eleanor was one of 50 cars that needed to be stolen in 72 hours.  If he devoted all of his time to one car, he wouldn’t have a chance to get the others.  It is the same with your practice - don’t devote too much time in medium to long term prospecting and ignore what you need to do to meet short term goals.

Now that you have the right pieces in place and a good quality plan in place, you need to be bold and take chances, especially if the plan works and you’re able to get time to talk with your Eleanor either over the phone or in person.   Being bold doesn’t mean that you should jump over the can and throw tact and professionalism out of the way, it just means that you need to look at this opportunity differently than the others and be willing to step outside of your comfort level.   As Memphis nears the end of his heist he uses his Eleanor to jump multiple stranded cars on a bridge.  I of course would never recommend trying such stunts, but what I would recommend to find a way to stick out from the crowd and jump over obstacles that may pop up along the way.

No one ever said that taming mythical beasts was easy, but if you take advice from Randall Raines, you’ll have everything you need to catch your own Eleanor and grow both personally and professionally in the process.